Ailbhe and David

In Ailbhes’ Words

One of the few benefits of covid is it has helped focus the mind on the important things in life, so in the height of lockdown in February 2021 we decided to get married … and decided sooner rather than later!  In the space of a fortnight we had venue,  florist, photographer,  makeup and hair stylists all booked and my mind turned to a dress. With shops all closed and no end of lockdown in sight I rang Dara in Frilly Frocks. Best move ever! She asked me to describe my style and what I was looking for. She had a think and a few days later she appeared at my back door of our house like an Angel with a few dresses to try on. It was such a different experience,  no mum, no sis, hubby-to-be banned from the house for an hour but it was still great to be trying on dresses, sashaying around the house with Dara outside looking in the window, giving me advice and doing me up at the door!   I loved my dress straight away. So overall a very different dress shopping experience than most and definitely not for everyone but with a load of tulle, and lace and help from Dara in Frillys we got there!!